Good ‘ol Days

27 Jun


Oh the good ‘ol days when a couple of dimes would get you something.  Unfortunately we can’t give you this deal, but we’ve got some great Jumpers, Euros, and Red worms available for your fishing trip or enhancing your soil.   Thanks to Uncle Corky and Sheryl for sending this great picture they found.



2 Responses to “Good ‘ol Days”

  1. Bill Hampy August 16, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

    Received my jumpers today alive and well. Kyle is a great guy to deal with. They came packed in a tupperware plastic shoe box with air holes in the top and wrapper in aluminum foil. They arrived Saturday 2nd day priority mail. He even watched the weather so they would not get too hot in transit. I have never experienced such personal care from any supplier. He is also a great communicator. Thanks Kyle, Bill

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