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Worms do their part to create lush lawns and landscapes

19 Sep

Check out this recent article on the wonderful work going on in the King William historic district along the San Antonio Riverwalk at Villa Finale historic site and museum by head groundskeeper Orlando Cortinas.  Worms do their part to keep Villa Finale lawns lush by Rose Mary Brudge.


Worm your way out of an ugly yard.

5 Jan

Thanks to Roy Bragg at the San Antonio Express News for his story on Texas Red Worms.

Texas RedWorms visits Floresville Elementary

26 Oct

Texas Red spent lunch today with 300 3rd graders from Floresville Elementary School.  We talked about composting, red worms, and how they could become red worm farmers.  The students have been composting for about a month. Each of the eight 3rd grade science classes will have their own redworm farm to help in their composting process.  Students are learning how to reduce waste and turn trash into nutrient dense castings they can add to plants and landscape around their homes and school.

The students asked some great questions and are eager to begin worm farming (vermicomposting).  Thanks to a bunch of smart, and well behaved students, Mrs. Davis, and the rest of the 3rd grade science department at Floresville ISD.

More than half of U.S. trash could be fed to Red Worms.

20 Oct

According to the E.P.A. and  Yahoo news the average American family throws away 4.5 lbs of table scraps everyday.  Most of which could be eliminated if they had a few red worms.  57% of the trash America puts into landfills is red worm food.  12.7% food, 13.2% yard trimmings, and a whopping 31% paper. Not only could landfill space be greatly reduced, but think of the $ that could be saved if you started composting and red worming.  It’s fun, easy, and great for your yard, plants, and pocket book. farmer avoids arrest.

15 Jul

Sweet freedom.  I post this today thankful for the air I breath and that justice was served.  Link below describes my narrow escape from heading up the river.

Texas Gazette

Red Worms in the news

22 Jun

A California worm farmer is facing $100,000 in fines from the state of CA for selling unregistered pesticides?  He is currently challenging the fine and the hearing is set for July of this year.  Thank God I live in Texas.