TexasRedWorms.com Word With Friends October Rankings

29 Oct

The votes are in for the week of October 29 and the TexasRedWorms.com Words With Friends National Poll is out.

The team to beat with a 17 game win streak and .900 winning percentage is the juggernaut from Texas, top ranked team KHarrell.

1. KHarrell @KyleHarrell

The rest of the top 10 rounds out like this:

2. kcan615 – hailing from the Monterey Bay and currently out of Nashville, TN @KevCan615 is a force to be reckoned with. @KevCan615 is making news all over the place as a Fresno State grad who can spell.

3. cprimo – from parts unknown this controversial wordsmith has pulled some fast ones in his game and some sources think he may be using “aids” to assist his play.

4. Normalguyguide – This emmy winner has the stuff and may be poised to move up the rankings if he can pull off an upset of KHarrell.  The current game is within reach with only 8 letters remaining.

5.  Jared.Harrell – This dangerous newcomer to the game combines his deep East Texas street smarts with his Oxford advanced law degree book smarts.  Look for this legal eagle to be a mainstay.

6. Highway 28 – Brings a solid command of the English language to the table with some design flair.

7.  cLARK_bROS – A scrappy native mid-westerner that is always ready for a tussle.

8.  Aggiemom12 –  Much like her university of choice has lots of “spirit”. Woot!

9.  kaindy –  The lone Arkansan to crack the Top 10, @kristianindy has been known to double up with 80+ point words. And to be a sore loser.

10.  @nsinsabaugh – A rugged master of the grid that has a lot of potential. Who said meat heads can’t spell?


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