Tis’ the Season for RedWorms

2 Dec

December in South Texas brings Christmas time and with it some welcomed cooler temperatures ideal for red worm farming.  My red worms are loving this time of year, and are producing cocoons and castings like never before.

When harvesting castings or worms I have seen more “love knots” and cocoons than ever.  The picture above is of two red wigglers exchanging seminal fluid.  In ideal conditions red worms can produce a cocoon or egg sac every 7 days.  Each egg sac (depending on conditions) can hatch 4-20+ tiny red worms.

In this season of giving you can give a responsible gift that benefits everyone.  A red worm farm can compost those gift boxes, paper, and food wastet.  Vermicompost (worm manure) or castings that will nourish plants and soil and keep waste out of the landfill.  For families with little ones, red worms make a great learning gift that can teach kids responsibility and how to be good stewards of their environment.

Merry Christmas! from TexasRedWorms.com


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