Earthworms in my compost bin

17 Jan

In San Antonio, the last week has been pretty chilly for us.  Lows below freezing and highs in the 40s- and 50s.

The rain let up Sunday afternoon, and I slipped outside to feed my worms and turn the compost pile.

Interesting find.  I feed my worms a combination of composted horse/cow manure, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds from my compost bin and piles.  Above is a picture of one of my compost bins where I found hundreds of tiny earthworms.  Temperatures in a compost pile can reach upwards of 150 F, therefore usually too hot for worms.  The freezing temperatures and rain have cooled things down, and have attracted hundreds of earth worms.  The moisture and cool air have provided the right conditions to hatch some eggs.

Earthworms or European night crawlers are what you will find in your yard.  They eat and break down organic matter  in the ground.  Depositing beneficial castings as they burrow through the soil, aerating and fertilizing along the way.


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