European Nightcrawlers now available

23 Feb

European Nightcrawlers are now available at They can be used for composting just like the red worm, but are a bit larger, stronger and are deeper tunnelers than the top feeding red worm.  Red Worms prefer piles of moist decaying organic matter (leaves, manure).

There are many different species of earthworm ranging in size and climate, most can be classified in one of two larger camps. The first being the deeper dwelling tunnelers (European Nightcrawler), and secondly the top feeding composters (Red Worm).  A lot of biologists claim that all earthworms have been introduced, from settlers bringing them in potted plants and so forth.  I have a hard time with that, but guess it could be possible.

Care for both worms is similar and they can even co-habitate. The nightcrawlers are able to be added directly to your garden, flowerbed, or lawn, while the red worms would not fare so well.  The red wigglers are more prolific smaller worm that will not scatter like the European nightcrawler, or Alabama Jumper.  Both are well suited for composting and bin raising, and care is identical.

European nightcrawlers are typically what you will find at bait shops, and grow thicker and longer than the red wiggler.  Both are active on a hook and will get the fish to bite.


2 Responses to “European Nightcrawlers now available”

  1. Bike July 13, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    Kyle, I live in Arlington,Tx. Soil is sandy loam. I use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers yet I have hardly any worms in my lawn or beds. I purchased some red worms a few years back and put them out but after looking at your site I gather they only thrive in controlled conditions.
    My question is what should I put out in my lawn and beds that would survive the North Texas climate conditions?
    Thanks, Bill

    • Texas Red Worms July 13, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

      I hear you. The best soil worm I have found is the Alabama Jumper. It can handle sand or tough clay, as well as, our extreme temperatures in Texas.

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