Worms and Environmental Science

7 Oct

Yesterday TexasRedWorms made a visit to Mrs. Mein-Johnson’s Environmental Science class at MacArthur High School in San Antonio.  We introduced European Nightcrawlers and Red Worms into a couple of raised beds. Mrs. Mein- Johnson’s class has recently been studying soil samples in their soil lab.  Students have also been tending their Fall gardens in planter boxes behind the baseball field.  True to San Antonio the pepper crop is yielding some nice results.

They will be monitoring the benefits of introducing worms to their gardens and I look forward to seeing their results.


One Response to “Worms and Environmental Science”

  1. Alan J. Marek January 11, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    Kyle, Would you be interested in giving a talk to our Master Gardener group here in Gonzales? We meet every first Thursday of the month from Noon until one o’clock. Just a mini program of about 15to20 minutes. I have been introducing members to vermi-composting but, a presentation by you would be great. Or, I could get you into our community seminars that we put on at night. That would give you about two hours to do your presentation…Let me know..I will get with our committee and get back to you if you are interested. Thanks Alan

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