Compost Tea Party part 3

11 Aug

We ended up with two batches.  In both we used @80 lbs of finished compost (40lbs in each of 2 mesh laundry bags that we purchased for $1.87 at Wal-Mart).  Both batches we used 500 gallons of well water, and aerated with our 1600 gallon rated Aquascape 4 pond aerator.  Where we tinkered a little was on the food source (molasses + brown sugar) and brewing time.  1st batch we used two jars of unsulphured molasses and 1 lb of brown sugar and 24 hours of brewing time.  The color was light brown and the smell was pretty much neutral with a hint of earthiness to it.  Batch #2 was brewed for 36 hours and was fed 4 jars of molasses and 1 lb of brown sugar.  The smell on batch #2 was the same faint earthy tone with a hint of sweetness from the molasses.  The color was a shade darker brown than batch #1.

One thing we will be judging the success of the compost tea application on is in the reduction of ant hills.  We don’t have a big fire ant problem, but one hay patch has several ant hills in an area.  Adding beneficial microbes began for me as a way to control fire ants, grubs, and other pests in my yard, and have had some terrific results. We’ll keep you posted.


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