Red worm reproduction.

8 Sep

A happy and healthy worm bin produces lots and lots of worms.  Red worms can reproduce quickly laying an egg sac or cocoon every 7-8 days.  Each egg sac can produce 3-20 hatchlings who reach sexual maturity in two months with a lifespan of up to 15 years!  A healthy red worm population can double in a hurry.

Keeping a happy worm bin means the right amount of food (not overfeeding).  The right amount of moisture– moist but not wet (wrung out sponge).  The right temperature, and the right pH.  If your bin is too acidic add some crushed egg shells to balance.

Raising red worms is a fun and easy way to recycle, compost food waste.  With a little practice and seeing how your worms respond, you will be raising lots of red worms in no time.


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