Outdoor Red Worm Farm

12 Oct

Red Worm farming is fun, easy, and helps you convert food wastes into rich natural fertilizer for your yard, plants, and garden.  Red worms are prolific and with time a handful of worms will grow exponentially.  I have build worm beds, pits, containers of all shapes and sizes and this weekend tried something new.  We had an old chicken coop that I converted into an outdoor bed.

This old chicken coop is a great spot for a worm bed.  Protected from direct sun and wind with a sandy soil base that will ensure good drainage.  I tilled up an area of about 10′ X 10′ and added a few loads of aged cow and horse manure to about 6″ depth.  Next, I ran a soaker hose over the bed and wet down the manure.  Last, I added about 2lbs. of bed run worms to start.

Things to consider when preparing a worm bed:

Protection from sun and extreme temperatures – (tin roof and three sided wall, and  at least 6 inches of bedding)

Moisture – Add depth of bedding and provide adequate watering. (6″ of aged manure and soaker hose, can cover with old carpet, plywood, or tarp)

Drainage – (sandy soil or sand base will keep water from collecting and drowning worms)

Bedding and Food- (partially broken down compost and aged manure are excellent for red worms)


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