Perfect time for Red Worming (Vermicomposting)

12 Nov

It’s always the right time to add compost to your soil, and always a great time to get started composting with Red Worms.  It’s Fall in Texas and the cooler weather is ideal for work outside and setting up your worm bed. provides you the easiest way to start composting with Red Worms (vermicomposting) today.  Our shoebox sized Starter Farm provides everything you need to produce nutrient rich castings for your plants and soil, and a thriving breeding brood of red worms (eisenia foetida) nature’s best composter.

Check out our latest ad on Craigslist or just give us a call 210-310-5046.  If you are in the San Antonio or Livingston, TX area pick up can be arranged, or call for shipping information.


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