The Greenest Gift. What to get a gardener for Christmas.

19 Dec
Red Worm Farm complete system. The perfect Christmas gift for your favorite gardener. Red Worms will turn kitchen waste into rich fertilizer for plants and soil.

Save money, reduce waste, your plants water consumption, and produce the best fertilizer available by composting household waste with red worms. Texas Red Worms provides you with the ultimate gardening and composting system. Our shoebox sized starter farm is a perfect no hassle, no smell way to turn wastes into valuable castings for compost tea and fertilizer for your plants and soil.

Red wiggler worm farm $40, includes everything you need (bin, castings, hundreds of red worms, and food). Pictured below, shoe box size, about 5 lbs.

Red worms and castings about 2.5 lbs. $25

Get started reducing your waste today. Delivery available. Farms are located in San Antonio and Livingston, TX



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