Red Worm Egg Production

27 Jan

In this avocado I caught this red worm laying an egg.  I grabbed the camera a little late, but you can see the worm and egg that was layed.  Red Worms are prolific in good conditions.  They are hermaphroditic and have both male and female reproductive organs.  The worms will exchange fluid and can lay an egg every 7 days.  The cocoons or eggs can contain 4-20+ baby worms.

You can save money, reduce waste, and benefit your plants with a red worm farm.  It requires very little effort and space.  Your TexasRedWorm starter farm can be kept under a sink, in a closet w/ no smell.  Just add your coffee grounds, paper/ cardboard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps, and let the worms do the work.  They will turn your trash into a rich natural fertilizer that you can add directly to your lawn or plants.


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