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Planting Blueberries w/ worm castings

19 Jan

I just received my blueberry shipment yesterday, and was anxious to plant.  I ordered 14 blueberry 2-3 foot tall plants (climax, premier, brightwell, and delight varieties).   Blueberries like a little acidity and do very well in the southeast Texas well drained sandy soil.  We will put most of the plants in the ground in Livingston, but  I wanted to have a couple here in San Antonio in pots.

My blueberry potting mix: Sandy southeast Texas soil, peat moss, worm castings, and finished compost.

For the two plants I split 4 lbs of Texas red worm castings that I placed near the roots, not mixed like the other components.  Worm castings are an outstanding fertilizer to support root growth and development.

These plants should produce a few berries early this Summer, but we will pick them early to yeild a better crop in the second year.

I chose a large container, and repurposed an empty syrup tub that we use to feed cows.


Be sure to add a little sand to your Red Worm bin.

22 Nov

When setting up a new bin it is helpful to add a handful of sand.  This will help aid in the red worms digesting of food.  The sand will provide the necessary grit in their gullet to help them grind food.  If you are setting up an outdoor bin pick a shady spot with sandy soil if possible.  The sand will not only help your worms but, provides excellent drainage, as well.

TexasRedWorms.com starter farms are complete systems that contain everything you need in an established environment that includes bedding, food, red worms, and castings.  We prefer to sell and ship worms this way, especially for beginners.  We want to take the guess work out of starting your farm, and ensure your success as a red worm farmer.