Can I keep my worms indoors?

24 Jul

Bins are fine indoors, and the starter “shoe box” size is great for under the sink.  It’s odorless, bugless, and great for putting your table scraps right in.  I keep some in large rubbermaid tubs in a bathtub that is rarely used hidden by the shower curtain. As long as my wife doesn’t see, the little fellas are welcome inside.  Shhhh! don’t tell my wife.

To keep them “bug free”  or at least to keep the fruit flies away simply drape an old sheet over your bins.  This won’t restrict airflow, and will keep the fruit flies out.

If you are feeding properly, not overfeeding, it will smell like sweet earth or at least be contained in your bin.  Overfeeding can be remedied by simply taking some food out, or adding shredded cardboard or paper products.


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