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Flow Through Worm Bin part 1

22 Mar

I have tried several models of flow through systems and continue to tinker to get the results I’m looking for.  The idea is for the finished castings to fall through the grate at the bottom of the bin and the worms to work towards the top of the bin.

Materials: square metal tubing, plywood, braided cable, 1.5″ self tapping metal screws, small I beam we found for the base bar to mount winches, and 2 winches (one we salvaged and another from Tractor Supply @$20) for pulling each direction.

We welded a bar to slide along the bottom of the bin to agitate the castings through the grate.  I have tried other versions without the cutting bar, and castings tend to get clumpy and stuck.  Stay tuned for the big reveal when we add worms and a few finishing touches.


Flow through Worm Bin

3 Jan

Inspired by Bruce’s flow through worm bin design at wormcompostingblog.com, and Cassandra Truax’s podcast interview w/ “worm dude” Jerry Gach.  I had some plastic buckets laying around, and decided to build a couple for myself.

I cut out the hole w/ tin snips.

Holes were spaced 1.5″ apart to thread weed eater line through using a 1/8″ drill bit.

The first layer (6 sheets of damp newspaper).

Next, I added some red worms, and layered some partially finished compost for bedding.

I will add food scraps to the top and cover with some cardboard.  The idea is that in a few weeks the worms will continue to work their way to the top and the finished vermicompost will flow through the weed eater line to be harvested from the bottom of the bin.