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Planting Blueberries w/ worm castings

19 Jan

I just received my blueberry shipment yesterday, and was anxious to plant.  I ordered 14 blueberry 2-3 foot tall plants (climax, premier, brightwell, and delight varieties).   Blueberries like a little acidity and do very well in the southeast Texas well drained sandy soil.  We will put most of the plants in the ground in Livingston, but  I wanted to have a couple here in San Antonio in pots.

My blueberry potting mix: Sandy southeast Texas soil, peat moss, worm castings, and finished compost.

For the two plants I split 4 lbs of Texas red worm castings that I placed near the roots, not mixed like the other components.  Worm castings are an outstanding fertilizer to support root growth and development.

These plants should produce a few berries early this Summer, but we will pick them early to yeild a better crop in the second year.

I chose a large container, and repurposed an empty syrup tub that we use to feed cows.


Best Meyer Lemons yet w/ Worm Castings

8 Jan

Better yields, better tasting fruits and vegetables are the result when you fertilize w/ red worm castings. Worm castings contain loads of calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.  Other micro and macro nutrients are present that support and develop superior root structure, to plants fertilized w/ commercial fertilizer.  Even though highly concentrated, worm castings will never burn plants like synthetic fertilizers can.  Benefits of fertilizing with worm castings include healthier plants, healthier fruits and vegetables, and cost savings.

The Greenest Gift. What to get a gardener for Christmas.

19 Dec
Red Worm Farm complete system. The perfect Christmas gift for your favorite gardener. Red Worms will turn kitchen waste into rich fertilizer for plants and soil.

Save money, reduce waste, your plants water consumption, and produce the best fertilizer available by composting household waste with red worms. Texas Red Worms provides you with the ultimate gardening and composting system. Our shoebox sized starter farm is a perfect no hassle, no smell way to turn wastes into valuable castings for compost tea and fertilizer for your plants and soil.

Red wiggler worm farm $40, includes everything you need (bin, castings, hundreds of red worms, and food). Pictured below, shoe box size, about 5 lbs.

Red worms and castings about 2.5 lbs. $25

Get started reducing your waste today. Delivery available. Farms are located in San Antonio and Livingston, TX


Baby Red Worm

4 Dec

In harvesting some red worm castings for my lemon trees and herbs I came across this new born red worm.  This little fella will grow rapidly in the next week and should reach sexual maturity in 60-90 days.  At this point, a healthy red wiggler can produce an egg every 7 days for the remainder of their life.  Red worms have been known to live for 15 years.

Tis’ the Season for RedWorms

2 Dec

December in South Texas brings Christmas time and with it some welcomed cooler temperatures ideal for red worm farming.  My red worms are loving this time of year, and are producing cocoons and castings like never before.

When harvesting castings or worms I have seen more “love knots” and cocoons than ever.  The picture above is of two red wigglers exchanging seminal fluid.  In ideal conditions red worms can produce a cocoon or egg sac every 7 days.  Each egg sac (depending on conditions) can hatch 4-20+ tiny red worms.

In this season of giving you can give a responsible gift that benefits everyone.  A red worm farm can compost those gift boxes, paper, and food wastet.  Vermicompost (worm manure) or castings that will nourish plants and soil and keep waste out of the landfill.  For families with little ones, red worms make a great learning gift that can teach kids responsibility and how to be good stewards of their environment.

Merry Christmas! from TexasRedWorms.com

Perfect time for Red Worming (Vermicomposting)

12 Nov

It’s always the right time to add compost to your soil, and always a great time to get started composting with Red Worms.  It’s Fall in Texas and the cooler weather is ideal for work outside and setting up your worm bed.

TexasRedWorms.com provides you the easiest way to start composting with Red Worms (vermicomposting) today.  Our shoebox sized Starter Farm provides everything you need to produce nutrient rich castings for your plants and soil, and a thriving breeding brood of red worms (eisenia foetida) nature’s best composter.

Check out our latest ad on Craigslist or just give us a call 210-310-5046.  If you are in the San Antonio or Livingston, TX area pick up can be arranged, or call for shipping information.

What to do w/ your Pumpkins after the Trick or Treating

2 Nov

The candy is gone and the festivities are over.  Instead of throwing those pumpkins out with the trash, add them to your compost pile or feed them to your red wigglers.  Composting and worm farming is fun for the whole family.  It is rewarding watching your food waste turn into dark and rich finished compost.  I just added some worm castings to my lemon trees, and am on the hunt for sad jack-o-lanterns around the neighborhood.

More than half of U.S. trash could be fed to Red Worms.

20 Oct

According to the E.P.A. and  Yahoo news the average American family throws away 4.5 lbs of table scraps everyday.  Most of which could be eliminated if they had a few red worms.  57% of the trash America puts into landfills is red worm food.  12.7% food, 13.2% yard trimmings, and a whopping 31% paper. Not only could landfill space be greatly reduced, but think of the $ that could be saved if you started composting and red worming.  It’s fun, easy, and great for your yard, plants, and pocket book.

Outdoor Red Worm Farm

12 Oct

Red Worm farming is fun, easy, and helps you convert food wastes into rich natural fertilizer for your yard, plants, and garden.  Red worms are prolific and with time a handful of worms will grow exponentially.  I have build worm beds, pits, containers of all shapes and sizes and this weekend tried something new.  We had an old chicken coop that I converted into an outdoor bed.

This old chicken coop is a great spot for a worm bed.  Protected from direct sun and wind with a sandy soil base that will ensure good drainage.  I tilled up an area of about 10′ X 10′ and added a few loads of aged cow and horse manure to about 6″ depth.  Next, I ran a soaker hose over the bed and wet down the manure.  Last, I added about 2lbs. of bed run worms to start.

Things to consider when preparing a worm bed:

Protection from sun and extreme temperatures – (tin roof and three sided wall, and  at least 6 inches of bedding)

Moisture – Add depth of bedding and provide adequate watering. (6″ of aged manure and soaker hose, can cover with old carpet, plywood, or tarp)

Drainage – (sandy soil or sand base will keep water from collecting and drowning worms)

Bedding and Food- (partially broken down compost and aged manure are excellent for red worms)

Compost tea benefits: Get rid of termites, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and more naturally.

10 Oct

This weekend I took a visit to East Texas to work on some of our worm beds.  While loading manure from some piles to start a new worm bed, I noticed some termites in some fence posts, as well as, some fire ant mounds.  I have had success with compost tea applications before in controlling ants, grubs, and fleas.  So I started a small batch of tea with finished compost and some redworm castings.  I also did a little research to see if anyone had had any experience with termites and found this article.  Microbes like nematodes and bacteria can be amplified with a quality finished compost and brewed into actively aerated compost tea. Beneficial predators that can control and eliminate many pests.  So if you have a roach, ant, flea, tick, grub, cigger, termite or other problem chances are actively aerated compost tea can come to the rescue.